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The fake ID cards available in North Carolina are the State Drivers’ License and State ID. The ID template has a current design issued by the DMV and representing/validating the North Carolina ID cards. Buy North Carolina Fake ID

New North Carolina Driver’s License and ID

The North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles will begin giving out durable, secure, and redesigned driver’s license and ID cards this summer. According to the State’s DMV, the recent design complies with federal recommendations for security features. The new features lessen the risk of identity theft, prevent counterfeiting, and reduce fraud.

New changes to the north carolina identification Cards

The new ID cards and licenses in North Carolina have a Teslin coating, a waterproof synthetic material that protects the card and offers durability to prevent fading or cracks. Added security features to the card include overlapping ghost images that come in varying colors, laser-designed words, and high-resolution graphics. In front of the new card are some laminated images of NC representing North Carolina, 1775, which is the date of the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence, alongside the State seal. The new ID cards and licenses also have voluntary indicators for organ donors, veterans, and active military officers. Identification cards and driver’s licenses issued before now continue to be valid until they expire. When you renew your card, you will get the new card issued to you. Buy North Carolina Fake ID

Features of the new North Carolina Driver’s License and ID card

  • Teslin coating for improved durability.
  • Laminated features in front, including ‘1775’ ‘NC’ and images of the state outline.
  • The military designation, organ donor symbol, or veteran designation printed on card
  • Overlapping ghost images, one of which is laser engraved and the other is colored
  • Minor credentials are written in vertical form, carrying the date when the minor will turn 18 and 21.
  • Tactile date of birth engraved in laser
  • Laser perforation of ‘NC’
Reasons for new north carolina features

The new identification cards and driver’s licenses were created for the following purposes:

  • Prevent counterfeiting or tampering
  • Reduce fraud
  • Prevent identity theft
  • Comply with federally recommended security features
The Law Guiding Youth Access to Tobacco in North Carolina

The state of North Carolina is required to follow the Synar Amendment; a federal law that prohibits people below 18 from buying tobacco. The Division of Alcohol Law Enforcement in North Carolina is leading the sensitization and enforcement of the law, alongside the sheriff’s department and the local police. They use compliance checks as a tool for enforcing the law, and to find out the level of compliance to the law. Authority is also vested on the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services to carry out compliance checks and work with minors, based on the requirement laid down by the federal Synar Amendment. The North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles, in 2000, released a new design for ID cards and driver’s licenses to assist retail employees in checking and stopping minors from purchasing tobacco and alcohol. Eight years after (2008), the Division of Motor Vehicles further introduced a new design to the North Carolina IDs, alongside new security features. The Drivers’ license lasts for 8 years before expiring. The ID number comes with 12 digits and they are uncoded and unspaced. Buy North Carolina Fake ID

How to detect Fake/False north carolina IDs
  • Hold and feel the ID card in your hands to check for any weird raised surface.
  • Ensure the customer’s features and the visuals on the photo match. Focus on features like the chin shape, eyebrows, and hairline, because these features hardly change.
  • Confirm the thickness, size, and edges of the license or ID cards for signs of tampering. If the edges are ragged, it might have been tampered with.
  • Observe the area of the card where the date of birth is written. Look out for changes in typestyle, erasure marks, and crooked type.
  • If you have any reason to believe the ID is fake, give it back to the owner, and don’t sell anything to them.

ID Validation Details

  • Overlapping ghost images, one engraved in grayscale with laser, and the other in full color.
  • Text etched in laser and date of birth in a tactile format.
  • Signature and date of birth in raised printing
  • On the back, you find an ultraviolet Date of birth, Name, mini-photo, and an “NC” laser perforation that you can see with a backlight.
  • You will find a State Capitol & Real ID, which may be visible or invisible.

Scannable north carolina Fake ID. The printing material for the North Carolina fake ID is a premium Teslin material bonded with a PET Lamination alongside a Semi-gloss coating. These details make it look exactly like a real drivers’ license.

  • There is a barcode and a 1S ICN at the topmost part on the back of the card.
  • Copies of the current license come with a waterproof coating.
  • There is a state outline laminated in front, state seal, “NC” and “1775.”


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